Population Segmentation

Links primary and secondary care data to provide insight on patient and cohort characteristics that are drivers of cost and demand on care services across a region.

Key Features

Population segmentation analysis will help you identify patients who are the highest-cost users across care settings. It will provide you with a greater understanding of the patient characteristics and needs for specific segments, including wider determinants of health. Using unsupervised machine learning techniques to identify further patient segments and inform the current rules-based approach, we will identify patient characteristics that are drivers of demand on care services within the region, as well as costs for these patient segments.



What it delivers

Multi-dimensional analysis to identify segments of the population who are driving cost and utilisation, to plan tactical or longer-term preventive interventions.

Key product benefits

Understand the impact of the wider determinants of health

Including an understanding of any health inequalities, as well as the social, economic and environmental factors across your population

Identify the right cohorts of your population

To help you focus on new and targetted services and interventions

Manage your population's health preventively

Know which subgroups of high-risk patients will be most amenable to different forms of preventive care

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