InFocus Command Centre

Helping Integrated Care Systems improve outcomes and tackle inequalities, enhance productivity, and make best use of resources and to strengthen local communities and manage their populations’ health and wellbeing.

Key Features

Our ready-to-deploy, advanced Integrated Care System Command Centre manages the full spectrum of ICS data, and makes it available for monitoring, analysis and research.

We also provide direct consultancy services as well as a command centre that can accept data from any source. Our service will enable the system to adapt to changes and positively challenge assumptions, allowing evidence to drive change.

What it delivers

Our Integrated Care System Command Centre, based on our InFocus dashboards and advanced analytics functionality, is one of the most established in the UK.

Currently we curate and link multiple data sets including HES, SUS, Primary Care, Pharmacy and publicly available data sets. We also have experience of working with Community Care, Mental Health and Social Care datasets.

Our ICS Command Centre is specifically for NHS organisations who require pre-emptive & predictive modelling and machine learning as part of the overall, flexible framework.


Key product benefits

Measuring the ‘Right Thing’

We will provide executive strategic views, allowing executives to see that processes and interventions are working (or not), giving them back the influence, authority and control afforded by the bird’s eye view of a command centre

Gaining a single source of the truth

Consistent visualisations across departments and organisations can be generated in response to the collaboration with the services, hospitals and systems.

Reporting for the whole system to the whole system

Activity changes and outcomes will be available to all so that no received wisdom about what is causing problems for whom can prevent performance improvement.