Simplifying vaccination documentation

Our NHS-approved freeware enables you to document and record patient vaccination episodes remotely from any location, without the need of a HSCN connection.

Key Features

Helix is compatible with any NHS-approved laptop or tablet without any need to install software. Access is controlled via your Smart Card or next generation yubi keys ensuring smooth but secure login; the Helix Vaccination App makes access easy and quick.

In a few clicks, users can identify a patient through look up on the Spine, enter their consent, then store the information about their vaccine event. Seamless integration with the Spine ensures that this data is securely shared with other providers involved in care for that patient.

We always use the latest cyber protection to keep out hackers. Helix uses state-of-the-art encryption and data protection strategies to ensure that both you and your patient’s data is protected at all times. Helix is guarded for both patient and clinic.

Saving time is everything and Helix achieves just that by allowing health staff to record entries efficiently so that staff aren’t overburdened with administration and can therefore spend more time with patients.

What it delivers

With our cloud-based solution, patient check-in to vaccine delivery locations is effortless. Administration tasks, like taking notes and sending data back to an individual’s GP so that staff can assess at-risk patients, is more straightforward than ever. A simple 5-click flow ensures that all required information is captured and the seamless integration with NHS Spine services ensures data is shared in near real-time.

Key product benefits

Versatile and frees up time

Straightforward and easy-to-use

Protected and robust