Elective Recovery Programme

We have joined forces with data automation experts, InSource, to deliver a programme that gives command-level control of, and powerful insight into, accurate trust-wide or system-wide data for targeted elective care recovery.

Key Features

The programme will provide a system-wide adaptive performance-monitoring command centre from Telstra Health UK to help systems tackle the backlog in elective care, as well as Insource’s Patient Pathway Plus, a highly configurable application used to manage elective care pathways. The combined programme also includes the Gooroo capacity and demand application, recently acquired by Insource.

We envisage this joint partnership to deliver immense value to the NHS as it tackles the elective backlog caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What it delivers

With the current backlogs standing at 5.1 million and the Department of Health stating that pent-up demand could take that figure as high as 12.2 million, Trusts and ICSs need a versatile tool based on real-time waiting list and activity data.  One that can harness advanced analytics and AI to turn the wealth of this core data into actionable insight.

The Elective Care Recovery Programme, primed by Telstra Health UK, is an agile solution that helps Trusts and ICSs to truly tackle the backlogs with informed, sustainable actions that spot clinical priorities, identify health inequalities, accelerate patient journeys, and reduce waiting for all.

Reducing the backlogs cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.  NHS organisations need detailed specialty-specific recovery plans based on current workload, staffing levels, bed occupancy, diagnostic availability, and bottlenecks if they are to identify any spare capacity across a geography, create innovative plans to streamline care delivery and share workload, or develop new hubs as needed.

Key product benefits

Telstra Health UK, formerly Dr Foster, is a long established, well known, trusted voice in the healthcare market as leaders in analytics and insight. Our system level command centre provides pre-emptive & predictive modelling and machine learning as part of the overall, flexible visualisation framework. Our metrics are comparative and our indicators meaningful.

Insource is engaged with the national data team, providing subject matter expertise to deliver practical and innovative solutions to support elective recovery, address health inequalities and build resilience into the healthcare system.

Gooroo specialises in forecasting and capacity planning across NHS hospitals, with particular expertise in planning non-elective and elective beds at agreed levels of risk, reducing elective waiting times along clinical pathways, and automating it all into coherent and integrated plans.