Analyst Managed Services

Provides NHS organisations with bespoke healthcare analytics, through a dedicated lead analyst acting as the key point of contact, delivering continuity of expertise tailored to evolving customer needs.

Key Features

Our dedicated experts can provide the support and expertise required to maximise the returns from your business intelligence tools, as well as provide additional support for your informatics teams. Areas of expertise include clinical analytics, population health, predictive analytics and health economics.


What it delivers

Sustained end-to-end collaboration from a team of skilled experts in advanced analytics, with the flexibility to tailor the level of service depending on demand and specific needs.

Key product benefits

Fast track and improve service transformation

Our experts can support your programmes with additional analytical capacity and capability

Knowledge transfer and upskilling of your staff

Our experts can help your staff understand the analytical techniques and provide further interpretation of the analysis

Flex your level of service

You can scale your level of service up or down according to your evolving analytical needs