Dr Foster’s new dashboard, InFocus, aims to help decision-makers view priorities and key opportunities quickly and easily by summarising organisational performance in one place. It distils complex clinical and operational information into an accessible and understandable format, clearly displaying multiple performance indicators that track quality of care, efficiency and compliance.

You can find out more about how the dashboard works in our video below:

The tool includes two new composite metrics on quality and efficiency unique to Dr Foster and it quantifies the scale of the opportunity for organisations to improve their performance.

It depicts the volume of alerts and direction of travel, automatically pinpointing trends over time and highlighting any areas of concern. The dashboard also enables performance comparison both nationally and against a select group of peers.

The tool is completely customisable, so decision-makers can tailor the dashboard to deliver unlimited bespoke service- or site-level views and varying levels of detail depending on their role and the needs of the organisation. It also offers a three-tier hierarchy that allows prioritisation of the most important and valuable metrics, as well as quantifying the opportunity for improvement available for each one.

Through the solution, business intelligence departments can engage senior leaders, confident that they are able to view the most important information and interpret this correctly. The high-level dashboard interface is fully responsive and adaptable to mobile, tablet or desktop, so it can be accessed anywhere.

In developing the dashboard, Dr Foster aims to eliminate the need for time-constrained executives to mine reams of data and information for valuable insights. The tool offers clarity, cutting through granular detail to instantly reveal the story behind the data. In doing so, it will considerably lighten the burden of data extraction and analysis on healthcare organisations.

To view Dr Foster’s InFocus dashboard interface or for more details on how it can help your organisation, contact us here.