Dr Foster Ltd and Insource Ltd today announced their joint Elective Recovery Programme for the NHS.  After signing a Master Partnership Agreement with Insource to resell Patient Pathway Plus, the leading data automation solution to the NHS, the two companies have joined forces to deliver a programme that gives command-level control of, and powerful insight into, accurate trust-wide or system-wide data for targeted elective care recovery.

With the current backlogs standing at 5.1 million and the Department of Health stating that pent-up demand could take that figure as high as 12.2 million, Trusts and ICSs need a versatile tool based on real-time waiting list and activity data.  One that can harness advanced analytics and AI to turn the wealth of this core data into actionable insight.

The Elective Care Recovery Programme, primed by Dr Foster, is an agile solution that helps Trusts and ICSs to truly tackle the backlogs with informed, sustainable actions that spot clinical priorities, identify health inequalities, accelerate patient journeys, and reduce waiting for all.

Reducing the backlogs cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.  NHS organisations need detailed specialty-specific recovery plans based on current workload, staffing levels, bed occupancy, diagnostic availability, and bottlenecks if they are to identify any spare capacity across a geography, create innovative plans to streamline care delivery and share workload, or develop new hubs as needed.

The combined solution utilises Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) from Insource to validate and consolidate waiting list data from across multiple Trusts into a unified data layer, combine it with sophisticated system-wide capacity planning tools from Gooroo – a recently acquired Insource company – and feed all this into the Dr Foster InFocus+ Command Centre for powerful data-rich, system-wide performance analytics, the development of bespoke dashboards and the extraction of penetrating insights.

Leesa Ewing, Commercial Director at Dr Foster, stated: “This is an exciting partnership based on proven products that action key elements of the NHS’s data strategy by ‘unleashing the unlimited potential of data’.   Dr Foster brings its considerable healthcare consultancy expertise to the programme enabling NHS organisations to turn data into insights, insights into decisions, and delivering whole system improvements.  Trusts and ICSs alike need to extract and act on their considerable data stores.  With this solution we can give them access to this vast resource with direct service improvement as an outcome.”

Sam Elliott, CEO of Insource Ltd, adds; “Dr Foster has an enviable reputation in UK healthcare, and we are delighted they have chosen our proven data automation solution, PP+, as the bedrock for this joint Elective Recovery Programme.  Our recently acquired Gooroo solutions, widely believed to be the most advanced demand and capacity planning software on the market, will also add system-wide, agile beds and capacity planning capabilities into this powerful offering.

“This programme comes at a very pressing time for the NHS with the huge backlogs and over stretched resources across the system.  Our proven solutions and combined expertise are ready and able to help with the recovery now – there is no need to accept a time delay while you wait for new solutions development.”

About Dr Foster

Dr Foster is a leader in healthcare data and insight, our metrics have been adopted as global standards in healthcare. We have proven expertise in algorithm and model development and are applying machine-learning techniques to continually innovate. We supply data and algorithms to interoperate with customers’ systems to provide more flexibility and save time and resources.

Our dedicated teams provide trusted, specialist support and have a wealth of healthcare, analytical and technical experience. Through our long-standing partnership with Imperial College London, we apply academic research to strengthen our solutions and deepen understanding of healthcare data and insight.

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About Insource

Insource is the UK’s leading data management and automation solutions provider to the NHS.  With more than a decade’s expertise, a wide range of Trusts and NHS organisations rely on Insource’ suite of technologies to deliver an accurate data foundation and improved data flows, on which to base process improvements and operational efficiencies that save money and improve patient care.

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