Overlaid onto the heat map are the locations of each acute, non-specialist NHS trust in England. Each trust shows the seven-day rolling number of Covid-19 cases admitted to that trust, the seven-day rolling number of deaths from Covid-19 for that trust and the seven-day rolling number of hospital-acquired Covid-19 cases, which is based on the COVID-19 daily situation report. The size of the points for each trust on the map vary, with a larger point indicating a higher number of COVID-19 cases at that trust.

The dashboard also includes the latest vaccine data with a national level overview, showing the number of new cases diagnosed (most recent day) and the number of new first and second doses of the vaccine administered. A cumulative total for each of these metrics is also included.

The dashboard, updated weekly, will help CCGs get a better understanding of the progression of the virus and uses data that is in the public domain. At a time when data is helping to drive our response to the progression of the virus, our analysts are doing everything they can to give healthcare leaders the insight they need to continue to provide care and treatment during the pandemic.

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